Gents instructions booklet Turret clock section

With every Gents' Pulsynetic C6 and C7 master clock a set of instructions is provided as a booklet to be placed safely within the case. Wooden fittings are provided inside the case to ensure the booklet remains safely with the clock. It is strongly advised that the instructions booklet be left inside the master clock case to avoid their separation. This will help to ensure that new staff, or new owners  taking over the clock installation, will always have the instructions readily available. While these clocks are reliable and not difficult to maintain the instructions will allow a competent person to carry out lubrication and minor adjustments without resorting to guesswork. Leaving the instructions lying around is a perfect invitation for them to go missing. Or to lose pages, be used as scrap paper for phone numbers or become begrimed by curious thumbing.

Normally a master clock would be installed by skilled and trained personnel. Once they have left and any maintenance contract expires then the owner of the clock must rely on the instructions provided. There is always staff turnover and losses due to sickness, accidents, promotion or retirement. One can never rely on a trained or interested person being there for perpetuity. So do leave the booklet in the case.

For those who find themselves with a Pulsynetic master clock and no instructions booklet I have scanned and reproduced the Turret clock section below: These pages relate only to the Gent's Turret clocks. ie. Large slaves or the Waiting Train turret clock movement: If you left click on the page images they should be large enough to read easily. Clicking on the enlarged images again should enlarge them further in some browsers. Feel free to copy these enlarged images if you want to print your own set. I can't imagine how anybody could easily profit commercially from downloading and saving them. These instructions booklets probably still exist in their many hundreds.







Diagram 3

Inside back cover

Rear cover

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