Here are some excellent websites dealing with Electric Clocks and Clock Systems:

The Electric Clock Archive, ClockDoc website: 
At last a website which freely shares information on electric clocks of every size, make and type.
Just what I have been demanding for the last few years. If only to myself. 
A vast array of images, documents and books to peruse freely. Great stuff! 

Hans Vrolijk has a great gift for photography of electric clocks. 
His website is well worth a visit. His Flickr gallery is truly mouthwatering!

Rick's website deals with the master clocks themselves with lots of very useful and practical information for carers and collectors.


And here is the website of a widely acknowledged Gents' collector, expert, master restorer and a superb illustrator. A huge range of items produced by Gents related to timekeeping and their impulse clock systems are beautifully displayed. Others can only marvel at the skills and encyclopaedic knowledge of this remarkable horologist.


Here's another superb website dealing with a wide variety of master clocks.


Here's a comprehensive links page on an interesting website:


Here is a link to the website of a unique genius at clock movement animation: 
Have a good look around. You may need to download Adobe's "Shockwave" Player to enjoy the animations.

Expert electrical horologist, Martin Ridout's web page on the Pulsynetic master clock. (amongst many others) With some really excellent images: Have a good look around while you are there. Martin's real speciality is researching ECS,


Another Martin, who looks after a partial, Pulsynetic clock system. Which originally had a number of slave dials including turret slaves, a  battery set, a contact programmer and a bell striking machine: Rare images of an existing system in situ. Sadly a number of original items were stripped out before Martin knew of their existence. The bell ringer has been  beautifully restored and is now working:


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