A rather fine C40B WT on eBay.

An earlier C40B(?) has turned up on eBay:

This is the first example of this particular size and age of WT that I remember seeing on eBay. Though later, chair frame, C40Bs have certainly appeared.

The seller claims it is in good condition but offers no delivery options. "Collection only" almost always limits the ultimate price and number of bids. A parochial audience is never as hungry as an international one.

To the WT enthusiast this movement enjoys most of the desirable traits of the type. Not least that it is a larger movement than the seemingly, far more commonplace C40A. Yet it is still compact enough not to disgrace itself in a domestic setting.

The symmetrical form of the intricate, cast mainframe is most attractive. More drooping shouldered than those I have seen before. The traditional WT's PULSYNETIC and ELECTRIC lettering is worn rather like smart epaulets and is a quite unusual and attractive feature. These identification terms usually adorn the vertical sections of the cast mainframe on the smaller C40A.

The paint looks original (as far as one can tell from these rather small images) though I haven't seen this colour before. Perhaps it is a later factory restoration? The seller suggests it might be. Hopefully the lacquered brass/bronze work will clean up (with care) to become a deep lustrous gold.

Some of the other components look like middle-late period plated. Rather than the early deep lacquered brass. It does still need some careful cleaning and restoration by an experienced and skillful hand. This is certainly not a "wire brush on an electric drill" job for an ignorant botcher.
A full complement of bevel wheels and universal joints is always a joy to see. As is the wonderfully over-sized wormwheel. A solid blank in this case. Rather than the usual spoked variety. Though the bevel wheels are all spoked except for the forward facing wheel. Which may well have a time setting dial hiding beneath that unusually dark exterior. It certainly has the appearance of a heavily tarnished and dirty dial. A careful clean and re-silvering will certainly not go amiss here.

The electromagnet coils are not bandaged but look rather like lacquer protected, enameled wire. Not a combination I have seen on a WT before.

The rather untidy wiring "loom" looks like a very recent replacement. Original wiring is usually low key black and tied neatly to the frame with fine cord. It can almost go unnoticed.

The seller claims to have the lower pendulum and bob. An added image has an original time setting crank but the image quality is very poor.

What is there not to like? Had the seller offered  carriage I would be bidding myself. If it sells for a pittance I shall be inconsolable. As desirable (to the true electrical horology enthusiast) as any WT you are ever likely to see on eBay. Except, perhaps, for a very large or much earlier, (original) black painted and all lacquered brass example. Though, in reality,  you never see these on eBay. 

I have done my best with the original eBay images. Enlarged, sharpened, increased gamma and contrast and reduced colour saturation.

I you live within reach of the vendor then good luck in your bidding! Enjoy your prize over the coming years. As you wallow in the pleasure of a truly unusual addition to your collection. WT's truly have a life and identity of their own. They are not something to invest in just to gather dust.

Their loud clonks can be tamed though never fully domesticated. They are probably not acceptable as living room companions. It will take an unusually patient and understanding partner to share a home with one. You will know already if you posses such a rare partner. If you don't then do not attempt the conversion. It would be a tragedy to let a WT stand idle. Akin to having a stuffed dog and cat sharing the hearth rug. Rather than the real thing.

If I cannot own this WT then at least I may enjoy far better pictures of the cleaned and restored item. Or even a decent quality video! I hope the new owner will be generous in this regard and share their good fortune. Your anonymity is, of course, guaranteed if you should send your photographic efforts in my direction. Just remember to light it evenly and have a plain, neutral density background.

UPDATE: This very desirable WT has been removed early from auction due to "an error in the listing." Could we be more specific about which particular error, please? I wonder how the high bidder [£500 with a week to go] feels? I also wonder about the high bidder's legal rights to the goods in a valid, public auction. There was no "Buy it now" offered. Nor mention of high offers being accepted. Nor that it was being listed elsewhere. So what is the point of holding a very public auction and not allowing it to run? It will be interesting to see if this WT is re-listed with an amended description. Though I wouldn't hold your breath! ;-)

Click on any image for an enlargement.


donald said...

I got the first (token) bid in but it's too rich for me already.


donald said...

I think someone made him a very good offer he decided to take. It wasn't me though.

Chris.B said...

You may well be right but I'm not saying how much it was.

bodge said...

£2500 i sold it for and i posted it to the Netherlands and the guy who i sold it is buying another 1 off me as i know a man with losts of movements

Chris.B said...

Hi bodge

Thanks for sharing this fascinating information.

£2500 seems a very reasonable sum for such a fine and relatively unusual WT movement. Though I cannot imagine it was cheap to send it over to the Continent. I suppose if you have to ask the price you can't afford it. ;-)

Most of the WTs on eBay have usually required a lot of cleaning and restoration. Some have had missing parts.

Your comment about knowing a source of other WT movements is intriguing. :-)