Gents long shaft, heavy duty, turret slave on eBay

Another turret slave for sale on eBay(UK) with a longer 12" 30cm shaft. (Mounting plate to tip)


Double locking is present. As is usual in these larger slave movements.  This ensures the longer and heavier hands do not move of their own accord between impulses. This plated, slave movement looks later than the last one on eBay.                                                                      
This slave movement will expect a short electrical impulse every half minute to step the time forwards.  The seller claims that it will need 24V. Though the resistance of the coil is not mentioned. It is usual to take the total clock system series resistance and multiply by 0.22 to obtain the nominal voltage in the case of Gents' Pulsynetic components.               

I have done my best with the original auction images: Rotate, re-size larger, sharpen, gamma and contrast adjustment. The very light background has completely confused the camera as usual. Fawn packaging cardboard makes a far better photographic background.

None of the auction images was correctly orientated for normal slave function. So I have deliberately rotated the images to show how the slave would be used purely for educational purposes. The coil usually lies along the bottom of the slave movement. This is because some slave components rely on gravity for simplicity and reliability.

I suppose we should be grateful that any images are available at all. The eBay trend seems to be towards zoom-able pictures which can neither be saved nor shared. Which is fine if the seller doesn't want any further publicity for his item. Otherwise the seller is playing Russian roulette with those who might just happen to discover his auction by sheer chance. Though the majority of keen collectors will probably have eBay saved searches for items that may potentially interest them. Saving auction images for further or later study must surely be the norm with many collectors by now. If only for direct comparison with items already in their collection. 

Click on any image for an enlargement.

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