Wt kit of parts on eBay.


A fascinating but rather incomplete collection of parts from three different Gents Pulsynetic WTs. Notice the difference in style, age and design between the two pendulum rods. The three pendulum drive armatures show differences as do other parts. The angled brass plates with complex detents is reminiscent of an early verge drive WT. This system quickly gave way to the later worm and wormwheel.

Even if one had all these parts one would still need a cast mainframe and pendulum rod with attached lower rod section. The latter is a relatively simple matter to reproduce. The frame a far more difficult item to manufacture in three dimensions to match the needs of the parts shown here. Though there is no reason why a patient and fairly skilled worker couldn't produce something workable from sheet metal or even welded sections.

Without seeing the rim I can't confirm that really is a Gents' WT wormwheel in the images below. The large, but missing, drive electromagnets are also a major task to reproduce. Not least the difficulty of obtaining soft iron for the cores to avoid residual magnetism. Though thin copper facings will help here.

A nice set of bevel wheels from the same vendor which show similarities to my own Gents WT cluster:
The two smallest universal couplings on the right are also similar to my own. It would be interesting to discover if the large bevel gear in the images above match these four bevel gears. Bringing the four bevel gears together would just lock them up. They cannot all turn without a larger crown wheel on top to provide clearance between the teeth of the smaller bevel gears. Two of these bevel gears have holes in the spokes. A WT usually has a hand setting dial attached by such threaded holes. These same holes can also be used to a fix a forked drive link for lead-off work.

Turret Clock gallery Clock Extension Bevel Gear changing Hands for time | eBay

The WT parts reach £124 and the bevel wheels and lead-off joints £198 respectively.

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