Later C40B WT on eBay.

Waiting train turret clock movement by Gents' of Leicester.  

If you are bidding on this then you know exactly how it works.  If you don’t there are plenty of descriptions on the net that can explain it better than I can.

 Not sure as to the model of this clock but could be a C40 B or C40 C.  Waiting train clock movements have the ability to drive large dials; this one would manage four 8 feet diameter dials.  

Pendulum weighs 18kg, movement 25kg. Approximate dimensions…Height  15”  Depth  6.5”  Length  19”

Condition is a bit grubby but nothing is broken.  The Hipp toggle operates and the solenoid bangs in.  Catch for waiting operation also works.

If you need a Gent master clock to go with this movement please contact me.

Lacking the bevel gears that once connected to the dials. 

Heavy item about 45kg so strictly buyer collects from 4 miles north of Wimborne Minster, East Dorset.  

It looks like CB4 or GB4(?) embossed on the pendulum rod above the Hipp toggle. The main casting also has letters or numbers in the recess to the right of the pendulum rod. I can't be sure but this looks more like "CB1." It is a shame that the bevel gears are missing. This WT can still drive the hands of one or two dials direct from the worm wheel shaft. The missing hand setting dial is a greater loss. No doubt a skilled engraver could reproduce one from existing examples should some suitable bevel gears turn up. Note the pointer for the hand setting dial remains. I have no idea whether this is a C40B or a C40C. Though I would suggest a B from the compact size of the movement and its medium-sized worm wheel. This interesting WT movement should clean up nicely. Notice the almost universal use of socket head, Allen screws as fasteners. Making for a uniformly, smart appearance.

The rear view better shows the size of the worm wheel on these more powerful WT movements. This one must be close to 5" in diameter.

Temporarily removed from auction but returned with bids unchanged @ £176 [9.30am 8-3-2013]
The master clock mentioned in the auction text was later withdrawn. 

A similar C40B WT movement showing bevel wheel cluster and hand setting dial.

The auction ended on a very disappointing £846.89. Congratulations to the lucky winner of a very rare and interesting horological item. The seller's demand for collection probably balked many potentially interested buyers. Likely a very costly decision by the seller. 

No doubt the movement can be restored to a far better cosmetic condition with very little effort. One can trace the previous painting history of the clock's installation from the clumsy paintwork around the base of the main casting.  Probably from the same tin as that used on the pendulum bob.

The missing bevel wheel cluster could be replaced (if desired) by finding a suitable set taken from another (obsolete) turret clock installation. These come up quite regularly on eBay(DE). Though not very often on eBay(UK). 

I attempted to improve the original auction images with PhotoFiltre. Not with a great deal of success.  But at least the item has been safely recorded for posterity. These images, for what they are,  can be enjoyed long after their short lifespan on the eBay auction page. 

If the new owner would like to share some images here of the restored movement I would be most grateful. Preferably images taken with a far more sympathetic plain background in good light. Anonymity guaranteed, of course. The same goes for anybody else with a WT. I can be reached at chris.b at Or share your images at Clockdoc if you prefer. 

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